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Economic uncertainty is something all businesses encounter. Changing economic conditions are normal as the economy regularly experiences cycles that may increase business activity or slow it down sharply. Smart businesses build plans to weather the predictable ups and downs that occur from time to time. When a negative cycle hits, these businesses are prepared to make adjustments that moderate their spending while preparing for the next growth cycle ahead. One factor in any boom or bust cycle is real estate capacity. Intelligent decisions in building acquisition and investment help these companies come out ahead of the competition, no matter the business climate. Having tension fabric buildings as an option in a real estate portfolio can help a firm better weather economic storms and take quick advantage of growth opportunities.

Adjusting to Changing Business Conditions

Even in prosperous times, the decision to increase space for business operations is a big one. Real estate decisions are costly and usually a long-term commitment, especially if the building is purchased or the firm signs an extended lease. If they have made real estate commitments at the wrong time and a business cycle is heading for a slow-down, firms can be left holding the financial bag. A temporary building option can be just the solution needed to carry on operations while avoiding the costs of long-term real estate investments in uncertain economic times.

Many of our clients turn to us in times of changing industry or general economic conditions because they know they can get the building space they need rapidly, where it’s needed, and without a long-term investment or commitment that will put them in financial peril. Sometimes, clients are in a hurry to get space up and running to meet immediate demands or other obligations. The good news is that our modular fabric buildings can be quickly configured, delivered via flatbed truck, and installed, usually within a few weeks of order. They can be rented for short or long-term use, so they don’t break the bank or require capital budgets. There’s no need to prep the land or install a foundation, and yet they can be made as comfortable and productive as any traditional building space. When market conditions change, or a building lease expires and is not renewed, our clients know we can get them the space they need quickly and easily.

Flexible Capacity in Building Solutions

Interior view of tension structure used for a tradeshowTension fabric buildings provide maximum flexibility in a number of ways. Business cycles can cause havoc with a firm’s cash flow. For example, too much inventory in a downturn means wasted spending, spoilage, or obsolescence, all of which can be very costly. Similarly, too little inventory in an upturn means lost sales. Managing the space requirements for that inventory or its production can be just as costly. Empty buildings can wreak havoc on company cash reserves, and not enough space means lost opportunity. A tension building is a great way to extend warehouse or production space. And, if downsizing is right, the temporary building can be quickly removed.

Renting a tension fabric building provides immediate space without a long-term commitment. The structure can be placed at current facilities, on an empty field, parking lot, or adjacent to an existing building, eliminating the logistical complications of obtaining a separate remote facility that will need its own equipment, staffing, onsite management, and so on. These temporary structures are a great way to weather short-term changes in the economy or business, giving management time to assess and adjust. Many of our buildings become part of our customers’ regular infrastructure and stay in place for years, fulfilling the company’s space needs. Tension fabric buildings offer the flexibility many firms need to scale up and down quickly. Extra warehouse space, on-site project enclosures, production line expansion, repair, and maintenance facility, office, and personnel space, and almost any business activity can be accommodated in a tension fabric building. Add the advantage that they can be relocated or resized to respond to further changes that occur in the business environment, and it’s easy to see why these firms include Allsite tension fabric structures in their space planning.

Available in widths starting at 66’ (20m) wide and up to 156’ wide, the structures are modular, so the length can be customized in 16’ (5m) sections, but must be at least 32’ (10m). The high ceiling design of these sturdy structures makes them airy and bright, and ideal for activities that require vertical clearance, such as warehouse shelving, equipment, and machinery, even aircraft and vehicles. They make great sports and public events facilities, and can even be used for personnel quarters, meeting spaces, or homeless shelters.

Additional Advantages of Tension Fabric Buildings

Picture of clamshell tension fabric building used for a trade showAllsite’s tension buildings are more than just rapid building capacity. The structures provide unique qualities that make them the right solution for a wide range of applications. First, the buildings are highly stable and durable so that they can be used in all seasons and in any climate. The aluminum frame is rust and corrosion-resistant, high strength, and lasts indefinitely. The aluminum can be recycled when the structure is no longer in use, so it is environmentally friendly. The PVC panels that cover the structure are water, chemical, and fire resistant. The building design lets it shed snowfall and handle high winds. In addition, the fabric resists solar radiation and its bright white surface reflects heat, keeping the interior cooler. We offer a number of ventilation and door options, and the user can add HVAC for extra comfort.

These expansive buildings offer the ultimate flexibility with completely open interior floor space. Customers can install workstations, dividers, shelving, overhead equipment, and signage, or use the high clearance space to store and protect vehicles, machinery, or aircraft. The buildings are also useful to shelter worksites in construction, environmental remediation, transit, and other projects, allowing work to go on 24/7 and in any weather to meet tight schedules and budgets. Allsite works with each client to customize the solution that fits their building or shelter needs.

Find out more about how Allsite can help your business adjust to changing economic conditions. Call us at 1-702-699-9195 or toll-free at 1-888-531-9679.

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