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Practice fields have become a premium for some towns and leagues with growing soccer programs. A tension fabric building may be the answer to accommodating the scheduling demands of a growing soccer program.

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Since the World Cup in 2014, the popularity of soccer in the U.S. has dramatically increased. The United States now has a highly respected national team, a growing domestic league, and hundreds of thousands of young soccer players.

Because soccer is an activity that both girls and boys play, it is also becoming the fastest growing sport among the youth. Youth soccer league enrollment is growing rapidly year-to-year, with new teams and leagues forming as well.

Tension Fabric Building Design

One of the most appealing features of a tension fabric building for indoor soccer is the design, which is conducive to playing sports in general. With practically unlimited length, it is possible to house a soccer field, training areas, locker rooms, and bleachers, all within one structure.

The clear span design of the enclosure allows for an entire soccer field without obstruction of columns or beams. With a height of up to 54’, there is no concern of a high-kicked ball hitting the ceiling.

In addition, the sturdy frame of a tension fabric building is able to hold scoreboards, and PA and speaker systems, making for a professional playing atmosphere. Whether you intend for the structure to be temporary or permanent, this type of building is durable and made from quality products that will last.

Cost Reduction

A tension fabric building is also an eco-friendly structure. The ability to choose lighting options in the enclosure can help reduce costs. The use of translucent and sky light fabrics allow natural light to enter the structure and cut down on the need for artificial lighting.

The tension fabric building can also be weatherproofed for colder and warmer climates. With options like concrete berm, beam flap, or insulation/liner, the tension fabric building will be free from cold and can keep the building cooler when temperatures heat up outside. This can substantially help decrease the cost of keeping the playing field at just the right temperature for both players and fans alike.

Revenue Generation

There are several possible ways to offset the cost of constructing and maintaining the structure by renting the space. For example, traveling youth leagues, newly formed teams, or adult leagues will pay to use the field. The tension fabric building can also be used for off-season and summer soccer camps.

Getting the word out to soccer coaches that the space is available for other uses is sure to generate interest. The space can also be rented for soccer-themed kids’ birthday parties or corporate team building experiences.

Competitive Edge

As soccer is growing in popularity in the United States, it is also becoming more competitive, with area and traveling leagues, even for the younger aged children. In fact, many youth leagues play year-round. Having a facility in which to practice and hold games, no matter what the temperature outside, is a clear competitive advantage for these teams.

There is no longer any need to reschedule games and practices due to inclement weather, ensuring the team will stick to their routine. No matter what the weather is like outside, teams can play and practice in the climate-controlled environment of a tension fabric building.

Player Safety

How many times has an outdoor soccer game been played in the rain or been called off due to inclement weather? Probably too many to count.

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Playing soccer outdoors in wet conditions increases the risk of injury, especially turned ankles and knees, and falls. Keep your players safe by having them play and practice in an indoor controlled environment. We bet the parents and fans will be grateful too.

Quick and Easy Installation

Once you have made the decision to expand your soccer program’s practice space, you do not want to wait months or years to build it. In a short period of time, a tension fabric building can be constructed and ready to use. If the structure needs to be moved for whatever reason, it can be done so economically and efficiently.

Do you want to learn more about a tension fabric building? We have a team of experts that can help you design a structure that will fit your soccer program’s every needs. Call us today at 888.599.5112 or click here to learn more.

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