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A Challenge for Big Valley Construction of Granby, Colorado

Allsite structure was called to assist commercial and residential general contractor, Big Valley Construction of Granby, Colorado. Big Valley is a highly regarded regional firm with high standards for quality, safety and on time delivery of their projects that range from private residences to commercial buildings and multi-family housing. This project, to dig and install a large building foundation, had to be completed on time despite the arrival of snow and wind typical of winter in the Rocky Mountains, where the project was located.

The Winter Park Construction Project

The project was located in Winter Park, Colorado, a small mountain town that is home to a popular winter ski resort. Big Valley was tasked with digging a building foundation in the winter months in this remote and cold mountain location. Normally, construction in snowy locations such as Winter Park is stopped during the cold months. However, this project had to be delivered by spring. Big Valley needed a way to keep the construction site warm and usable during the coldest months of the year. It needed to make sure the ground was not frozen and that its digging equipment could be kept ready to work, despite overnight and sometimes daytime freezing temperatures.

In addition, the work site included a logistical challenge as the shelter needed to be in place over a parcel that contained a gas utilities installation. The building would need to avoid disrupting that area which was in use, opening the door to some creative use of our modular fabric solution.

Allsite Construction Shelter Solution

Allsite examined the requirements for a versatile, clear span and high clearance shelter that would be able to cover a huge work space, work around the obstacle imposed by the gas utility installation, and be sturdy enough to resist a Rocky Mountain winter. It would need to insulate the interior workspace from the cold, so that frozen ground and equipment, not to mention work crews, would not be an issue.

The solution was our highly durable tension fabric structure that, with its curved, aerodynamic design and heavy-duty fabric covering resists snow, winds and precipitation. The building’s high strength aluminum frame is rust and corrosion resistant. The structure is modular and customizable in five meter lengths. The Big Valley Construction shelter measured 36 meters (118 feet) wide by 95 meters (312 feet) in length, about the length of a football field. The building was anchored at the site with stakes, and equipped with standard ventilation and lighting. It was outfitted with cargo doors and openings large enough to allow access by large earth moving equipment.

Bending the Curve

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Because the structures are modular, Allsite engineers were able to customize the center section of the lengthy building, making it slightly narrower than the rest of the structure, to bypass the gas utility area. The narrow section is 29 meters (95 feet) wide, then returns to the full width once the obstacle is cleared. Unlike fixed structures, modular tension fabric buildings offer wide versatility for challenges in tight or oddly sized spaces, on rocky or uneven terrain or when encountering other obstacles.

Keeping the Space Warm for Better Productivity

The structure was insulated from the outdoor temperatures by the heavy duty PVC fabric covering. The crew working inside the large space enjoyed warmth provided by heaters. The warmth also meant that the ground was thawed enough to carry out the dig. Large equipment could be kept inside and started up in the morning without long periods of warm up before it could be put to work. With the warmth and comfort indoors, the work crews and machinery were more efficient, raising productivity significantly over the time that would be needed to complete the same work outdoors. With the sturdy shelter in place, there was no need to stop due to snow days or freezes.

Accelerating the Clock

Big Valley Construction was able to overcome the challenge of completing work in the snow and ice of a Rocky Mountain winter. This gave them a distinct advantage over other construction companies who normally wait until the spring thaw to begin ground work. Having the structure in place allowed them to deliver the project on time and on spec, meeting their client’s expectations. They completed their foundation work in less than half the time it would have taken in winter without the structure in place.

Allsite Tension Fabric Construction Shelters

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Tension Fabric Structures offer fast, flexible temporary construction building solutions for companies like Big Valley Construction. Orders can be processed, configured, delivered and installed, usually in a matter of weeks. The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to transport, and engineered for fast assembly. These durable and stable buildings are useful in both cold and hot climates where outdoor temperatures can impede productivity and cause project delays. The structures can be equipped with interior insulation for extra protection in extreme heat or cold and they are HVAC-ready and energy efficient.

For more information on how a tension fabric construction shelter can help your construction project, contact Allsite Structure Rentals today at 1-888-599-5112.

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