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When Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer opened aircraft maintenance services in Nashville, TN, in 2016, it found that demand for its MRO services far surpassed its capacity. Embraer needed hangar space right away to take on a number of large service contracts. Traditional hangar construction would take three years, so they approached Allsite for a fast solution.

Aerial view featuring clamshell doors, showcasing the durable tension structure by Allsite for aircraft storage.

Here is what we cover:

MRO Center Urgent Needs Met with TFS 380 Hangar Equipment

Interior view of a hangar equipped with Allsite's solutions for efficient aircraft maintenance services.Embraer swiftly addressed its immediate requirements at Nashville International Airport, where accommodating two Embraer 190 aircraft became imperative. To fulfill this demand, the facility required advanced hangar space solutions, including secure doors to enclose the workspace and ensure the safety of both the aircraft and accompanying equipment.

Allsite presented a tailored aircraft hangar solution, introducing the TFS 380—a cutting-edge tension fabric hangar with an aluminum frame. This innovative structure delivered an expansive 23,128 sq. feet of interior hangar space. Equipped with customized, automatic clamshell aviation doors at both ends, the hangar allowed the client seamless control to secure and manage the interior space effectively

Fire Suppression System Adds Protection

Close-up of fire suppression system, an aviation hangar accessory provided by Allsite.In addition to room for power, ventilation, HVAC, equipment, and scaffolding, Embraer equipped the hangar with a fire suppression system that provided 24/7 protection for the valuable aircraft and equipment inside the hangar.

Allsite Fabric Hangar Surpasses Expectations

With an initial three-year contract, Embraer swiftly commissioned the Allsite Tension Fabric Hangar into immediate operation. This cutting-edge hangar facility allowed Embraer to expedite MRO operations at the Nashville facility, meeting the critical service needs of their clients. The MRO hangar space solution played a pivotal role in their success, leading to a three-year contract extension with Allsite. This extension proved indispensable, ensuring service capacity even after the construction and operation of their traditional hangar building.

Today, Embraer Air US MRO services are flourishing, with bookings secured through 2024. The Nashville facility, now with nine operational bays, stands as a testament to this highly successful operation. What began as uncertainty about meeting demand transformed into triumph, thanks to the quick installation and implementation of an aviation fabric structure. This innovative solution not only resolved the challenge of sufficient hangar space but also propelled the aviation company’s services business on the road to unparalleled success.

Tension Fabric Hangars for MRO Aircraft Service Operations and More

Close-up of the robust aviation fabric structure designed for efficient aircraft maintenance.When immediate hangar space is crucial, as seen with Embraer meeting prompt customer contracts, Allsite’s tension fabric structures Allsite’s tension fabric structures stand out as a modular solution within the realm of essential aviation infrastructure. This ensures rapid shipment and installation within days of delivery. The system integrates an engineered, lightweight, high-strength, interlocking aluminum frame, a ground anchoring system, and industrial-grade PVC-coated fabric panels. This modular design creates a robust, easily configurable, load-bearing, transportable, and quickly installable structure. Allsite’s tension fabric hangars deliver reliable aviation space solutions, emphasizing:

  • A range of sizes available, reaching up to 54’ (16.5m) in height and 156’ (48m) in width.
  • Door options include open bay, traditional clamshell aviation doors, or the newly introduced sliding panel doors for convenient access.
  • Lightweight, durable, rust, and corrosion-free extruded aluminum frame.
  • Heavy-duty architectural-grade PVC-coated polyester fabric cover.
  • Lighting and ventilation options, with power and HVAC readiness, ensuring a comfortable interior workspace available 24/7/365.
  • Quick installation, no need for a foundation, meeting building code requirements.
  • Tensioned fabric design for increased strength and stability, mimicking traditional building structures.
  • All-weather durability, capable of handling temperatures from -22 F to 160 F.
  • Aerodynamic shape that sheds precipitation, avoids snow build-up, and withstands strong winds.
  • Open span interior, free from internal columns or structures, providing 100% usable space.
  • High-strength frame supporting overhead systems and equipment, including fall protection and fire suppression systems.
  • Easy relocation, either on-site via crane lift or via flatbed truck to a new location.
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent use, with a lifespan of decades of service.

Allsite fabric aircraft hangars solve hangar capacity issues for international, domestic and regional airlines for such activities as aircraft servicing, including maintenance and repair, severe weather shelter and storage. Fast, flexible and affordable, these hangars are a convenient solution for use at commercial and executive airports, public and private airstrips and other locations where aircraft are present.

Allsite All-Purpose Aircraft Hangars

Open clamshell door revealing interior of hangar with Air Force drone.
Allsite presents an ideal solution for short-term needs with their versatile aircraft hangars, especially valuable while awaiting permanent space availability. Recognizing the persistent shortage of airport hangar space, the long-term option of a Tension Fabric Hangar proves invaluable for businesses in need of a reliable solution. Allsite’s Tension Fabric Hangars, offer additional capacity in situations where traditional space is lacking. Fast, dependable, and cost-effective, these Fabric-Covered Buildings can serve for years as primary hangar spaces or as supplementary areas for overflow operations.

Beyond MRO operations, Allsite’s aircraft hangars find application across diverse industries, including military and aerospace, regional passenger carriers, freight carriers, individual passenger operators, hobby and business aircraft, and more. They cater to the hangar needs of national or international air carriers experiencing expansion or schedule changes. Additionally, they provide secure and protective hangar space for aircraft undergoing restoration or modification, for aircraft displays, air shows, or other on-the-ground scenarios requiring covered hangar space. For more information on Allsite Tension Fabric Aircraft Hangars, contact us at 702-699-9195 today.

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