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Tension Fabric Structure being used for Indoor Sports - Soccer Facility

Indoor Soccer Enjoyed Year-Round

Indoor soccer has grown in popularity as more youth and adults in the US have become interested in the sport of soccer. A slightly modified version of outdoor soccer, indoor soccer allows leagues and players to develop and showcase their skills year-round. This indoor sport has its own set of rules and regulations, and the professional side of the sport has recently acquired its own organization in NISL (National Indoor Soccer League). NISL’s mission is to develop players and coaches to compete in the sport and to promote its sport nationwide, showcasing both men’s and women’s leagues. Access to quality indoor sport facilities for training and competition can be a challenge if suitable facilities are not easily available. To address this, tension fabric sports structures offer an excellent choice for professional-grade indoor sports facilities, such as soccer, within state-of-the-art athletic facilities.

What is Indoor Soccer?

Indoor soccer, also known in professional play as arena soccer, is a modified version of traditional soccer. It was developed to allow year-round play, with its own rules, a version of outdoor soccer modified to accommodate the differences presented by the indoor sports environment, such as the playing surface. It is played on a smaller field the size of a regulation hockey rink. A few other differences include:

  • Shorter play (60 minutes total play vs. 90 minutes for outdoor soccer)
  • The game is usually played by six players instead of the 11 in outdoor play
  • The playing surface is usually synthetic turf, vs. real or artificial grass
  • Players do not wear shoes with cleats
  • Allows unlimited substitutions, vs. outdoor soccer’s limit of three
  • A three-card system (red, yellow, blue). The blue card, not used in outdoor soccer, means the player is removed from play for two minutes.

The rules of indoor soccer are followed in professional, amateur, and collegiate competition, as well as used by youth indoor soccer, which has grown dramatically in popularity in recent years.

Expanding Youth Indoor Sports

Boys playing soccer at Indoor Sports Facility

School boys compete in a youth indoor soccer tournament. Watch the action as they duel on the futsal floor of a sports hall.

In addition to professional play, indoor soccer facilities are perfect for youth sports. With shorter playing times that better suit kids and families, these facilities offer sequential games on the field, accommodating multiple teams for practice or games on the same day. With safer playing surfaces and youth-friendly rules like the modified three-card system, indoor sports complexes provide a secure environment that promotes growth and development among young players.

Benefits of Indoor Sports

Indoor soccer provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn essential life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of hard work in achieving goals. It instills the values of sportsmanship and graciousness in both victory and defeat. Research shows that children who participate in sports are are more likely to do better academically and pursue higher education. Unfortunately, compared to other countries where soccer is widely enjoyed by children, the US lags behind in providing adequate opportunities for children to engage in the sport.

The relatively safe nature of indoor soccer has prompted parents and community recreation groups across the country to support the development of youth indoor sports programs. Efforts are being made to expand soccer in both urban and rural areas, ensuring that children who are underserved by opportunities to play the game can also experience the joy and benefits it brings.

One of the key challenges faced by schools, municipalities, professional, amateur, and community soccer leagues is finding suitable places to play. In communities without readily available facilities or with limited outdoor play options due to factors such as a lack of playing fields or short playing seasons, state-of-the-art athletic facilities with tension fabric sports structures serve as an excellent alternative. These complexes provide a long-term home for indoor soccer and other indoor sports, allowing teams to comfortably train, practice, and hold competitions throughout the year.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structure for Indoor Sports Facilities

Interior of Allsite Indoor Sports Facility

For schools, municipalities, clubs, professional and amateur leagues, and other groups seeking high-quality indoor sports facilities without the need for long-term land and building commitments, Allsite’s tension fabric sports structure is the perfect solution. These cutting-edge athletic facilities are modular in design, providing a spacious and open interior that can be tailored to accommodate a variety of indoor sports, including soccer. Whether you require a sports facility for a single playing field or multiple fields, Allsite can design a structure to meet your requirements. These structures can also be equipped with spectator areas and other amenities to enhance the overall sports experience.

The interior of Allsite’s tension fabric structure provides an airy and well-ventilated environment, thanks to the high ceilings and ventilation options available. These indoor sport structures can be further customized with conveniently located entries, lighting options, and additional features such as flooring and seating. After installation, you have the flexibility to customize the sports facility according to your specific needs. The buildings are designed to accommodate your electricity and HVAC systems, ensuring maximum comfort for athletes and spectators.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structure for Indoor Sports

Exterior of an Allsite Tension Fabric Structure purposed for Indoor Sports
Allsite’s tension fabric structure is a high-strength, durable building that provides a safe, comfortable indoor environment for a range of sports activities. The building, consisting of an aerodynamic, high-strength, engineered aluminum frame tensioned in place by heavy-duty fabric panels and anchored to the surface, is strong and highly stable. The fabric covering is UV resistant and reflects solar radiation, helping lower the cost to cool the interior on hot days. And in winter, its sloped and smooth surface sheds snow and rain. With its durable aluminum frame, the building is corrosion and rust-free. The structure is fire, mold, and mildew-resistant and needs little maintenance. It is also fire, mold, and mildew resistant, providing a safe and hygienic environment for athletes and spectators alike.

Installing an Allsite tension fabric structure is a quick and hassle-free process. Unlike traditional buildings, there is no need to wait for lengthy construction or deal with extensive retrofitting. Within weeks of placing your order, you can have a fully functional indoor sports facility that is ready to be enjoyed year-round, regardless of weather conditions. The versatile Allsite sports structure can be installed on various surfaces, such as empty asphalt lots, gravel, or turf. The installation process is not delayed by the need for a foundation, as long as the surface is fairly level and compacted. Once the structure is removed, any minor holes used for anchoring are patched over, leaving no material damage on the ground. The modular nature of tension fabric structures allows for short-term or long-term use, providing a durable solution that can serve your indoor sports needs for years to come.

Allsite takes pride in providing high-quality indoor sports facilities to academic institutions, professional sports leagues, and community sports organizations across North America. Whether you require a facility for indoor soccer, tennis, swimming, hockey, or other sports, Allsite’s tension fabric structures offer the ideal solution. Contact our expert team to learn more information about how we can help optimize your indoor sports programs with our state-of-the-art facilities.

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