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Tension Fabric Buildings for Power Plants and Energy Producers

temporary fabric structure

Allsite Structures offers high clearance, durable tension fabric buildings for power plants and energy production projects, including for installation at oil, gas, solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric sites. These highly engineered, clear-span, and high clearance structures are designed to provide comfortable interior space in a flexible design that meets the needs of almost any project. In addition to energy projects, our structures are used in mining, aviation, environmental remediation, construction, and a number of other industries. Our energy clients count on Allsite for fast, strong, and reliable solutions to their unique building spaces’ various needs in the field.

Here’s What We Cover in this Post

Instant Infrastructure for Energy Projects

temporary fabric building
Energy extraction and production often occur at remote locations. Usually, at sites that are undeveloped and without the existing infrastructure to provide indoor shelter, workspace, or storage for personnel and equipment at the site. In most cases, adding traditional, permanent buildings is not practical, efficient, or cost-effective. The best solution is a structure that can be installed on bare ground, does not depend on external utilities, and is tough enough to stand for decades but can be moved or removed when no longer needed.

Often these sites are in an area with a harsh climate, such as the desert. This is ideal for renewable and solar energy plants, but hard on people, technology, and equipment. Or, they may reside in cold, remote, rural, or mountainous locations where natural resources are abundant, but where infrastructure and amenities are rare or non-existent.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures (TFS)

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures are designed to be tough, durable, and weather-resistant, making them a great solution for energy project sites. Energy company project managers and engineers rely on Allsite’s structures to protect project personnel from harsh weather, create space to store supplies and equipment, cover a worksite or dig, or for use as a shop to conduct maintenance and repairs on the spot, saving time and money.

Allsite’s highly engineered and lightweight aluminum framed modular structures fit the needs of worksites from urban lots to remote unpaved ground, which may be rocky, uneven, or wet. With a range of available anchorage options, the TFS can be installed over almost any terrain, so there’s no foundation or other major prepping of the ground prior to installation. Heavy-duty, industrial-grade PVC fabric tightly covers the structure, protecting the interior from UV rays, heat, cold, and precipitation. The tensioned fabric stabilizes the frame for a reliable, safe, and durable fabric building that stands up to the elements as well as a traditional brick and mortar structure. The curved, tensioned design allows the structure to shed rain and snow. The fabric is treated to resist mold, mildew, bacteria, and chemical damage, and is fire resistant.

The result is a highly effective structure suitable for placement in areas where building space is unavailable or is not practical or desirable. Renting a TFS from Allsite gives you more freedom and flexibility to fit the building to the needs of each energy project, and when the project is complete, remove it and leave no trace. Long-term, permanent installation is also possible. The high-strength aluminum frame will not rust or corrode. The structure will weather rain, snow, and dust storms. It requires little maintenance once installed, keeping ongoing costs low and letting your team focus on the project.

Spacious, Sturdy, and High Performance

tractors parked inside a tension fabric structure

The standard widths of the Allsite Tension Fabric Structure buildings range from 66 feet to 156 feet. Their modularity means your structure can be configured as long as you want (the minimum length is 32 feet). The peak height of our structures is as high as 54 feet, allowing ample clearance for large vehicles and equipment.  Modular design means you can adjust the size of your TFS as the project needs change, or when you relocate to a new worksite that requires a different configuration. The TFS design assures a stable building with no interior posts making the entire interior available for use.

Easy Transportation for Fast, Less Costly Delivery

The modular construction of the TFS makes configuration, loading, and delivery of the building components fast and easy.  Because the TFS is built with an extruded aluminum frame, a 10,000 square-foot structure can be delivered on a single flatbed truck. The lightweight aluminum frame means less costly transport, and aids accessibility to even remote site locations. Once on-site, the modular systems are quickly unloaded and laid out for the team to connect and install them to get the building up and available for use, usually in a matter of days. Allsite TFS buildings are also easily relocatable around the project site or can be easily transported to a new project site. 

Allsite Turnkey Expertise

Our support team is dedicated to the success of your project. Our expert team will work with you to evaluate your site needs, configure the structure that best fits your needs and get the structure delivered and installed quickly.  They will help you select appropriate options such as ventilation, doors, and lighting.  For greater flexibility, you can include removable interior walls in your TFS, or if needed, add insulation, air filtration, or other options. 

To learn more about the Allsite Tension Fabric Structure, or to request a quote, get in touch with Allsite today at 888-599-5112.


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