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Flat aluminium frame end design maximizes useable space
Multiple door and ventilation accessories from stock and we can usually integrate any requested building accessory into the TFS structure
Engineered extruded aluminum framework lowers shipping costs and provides quick and easy installation with no corrosion. Curved eave profile and 25 degree pitch provides snow shed for use in any extreme environment
Multiple anchoring solutions including stakes, ballasts, wheels and concrete anchors (ballast example showing)
Architectural membrane provided in individual panels vertically and horizontally hydraulically tensioned for clean taught exterior finish
TFS structures are 100% relocatable and their flexibility allows structures to be moved in many ways to reduce relocation costs including crane lift, track and wheel assemblies, skid mounted and full dismantle and reassembly

About the TFS Structure

Why Tension Fabric Structures?

Tension Fabric Structures Offer Strength and Versatility
A Tension Fabric Structure (or TFS) is much more than just a tent. It is an all-weather fabric structure made from engineered, custom extruded aluminum alloy frame and high-grade architectural fabric, the TFS stands apart from other fabric structures.

The lightweight aluminum frame allows up to 10,000 sq. ft. on one truck. The flexibility of the aluminum allows the structure to be constructed on a variety of surfaces without the need for a foundation.

Our fabric structures are engineered to meet the highest quality standards which make it ideal in areas of extreme climate where high winds and/or snow are a factor.

Turnkey Installation

Durable Structured Fabric Buildings

A turnkey installation is the complete scheduling, delivery, construction, installation and removal of a clear span, portable, temporary or permanent Allsite fabric membrane structure for a fixed price. Allsite Structure Rentals believes that a turnkey installation ensures our clients a hassle-free way to rent, install and remove an Allsite engineered fabric structure.

An Allsite Project Manager organizes equipment, manpower, transportation and site evaluation and also designs an installation schedule to meet the needs of your project deadlines. Allsite Structure Rentals contracts only qualified, professional equipment companies and labor resources.

An Allsite Structure Rental Technical Consultant is available throughout the entire process,  providing our clients with the highest quality construction installations in the industry.

TFS Application Installation

Client Testimonial

"The Allsite team managed to get everything, down to the last detail, up and running on time. Experiences like that reveal the true colors of an operation. I can't imagine we would ever use any other company for our structures"

Informa MarketsTony Calanca, Executive Vice President

TFS Structure Size Options and Drawings

TFS Series 380-48M

TFS Series 380-48M

Width 48m/ 156′

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TFS Series 380-38M

TFS Series 380-38M

Width 38m/ 126′

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TFS Series 380-29M

TFS Series 380-29M

Width 29m/ 95′

View Plans
TFS Series 380-20M

TFS Series 380-20M

Width 20m/ 65′

View Plans

Specialized Services

Client Designated TFS Project Specialist

Technical Consultant Services

The most common installation method is customer supplied labor and equipment directed by an Allsite  Fabric Structure Technical Consultant.

For customers who prefer to use their own employees or local labor unions, Allsite will provide a Fabric Structure Technical Consultant, inclusive of specialty tools, to oversee the entire installation process.

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Full Turnkey Service Consulting and Planning

Prepping for your TFS Checklist

Our consultants are experts in erecting tension fabric structures and can quickly train customer work crews, maximizing their production.

Allsite Structures Rental Technical Consultants can be supplied with Certification in a number of regulatory and OSHA programs and all have completed a thorough internal safety program.

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Engineer Stamped & Approved Structures

In-House Engineering Services

An Allsite relocatable clear span tension fabric structure is a fully engineered arch frame system built to the highest standards in the industry and in full conformance with ASCE.

Allsite Structure Rentals offers its clients full engineering services for permit, customization, and unique applications.

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