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The Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures

a photo of tensioned fabric structure configured for convention space

In today’s globalized and dynamic marketplace, many businesses carry out activities far from their headquarters. Firms worldwide are in the field carrying out their missions, from mining and extracting minerals, working to remediate former industrial sites for development, maintaining and storing aviation and other large equipment, housing inventory stocks, to hosting a large venue event such as an industrial expo, or sports or entertainment events. For these, and many other purposes, it’s easy to see why our highly reliable, all-weather, lightweight and economical temporary fabric structures are the solution of choice.

Durable, Versatile, and Cost Effective Temporary Building Solutions

For managers looking to find temporary or long-term shelter, storage and workspace solutions in the field, tension fabric structures offer a host of advantages. Here are some of the primary features that make them so appealing for use in a wide number of applications:

  • All weather structures meet high wind loads and shed snow for use in any locale or climate
  • Large clear span space free of any internal columns or brace supports offering expansive capacity
  • a photo of tension fabric structure interior with multiple cargo doorsGreat height at peak and corner sections of structure creating greater volume of space perfect for large equipment storage and maintenance
  • High grade aluminum extruded beam creates one of the strongest buildings available
  • Aluminum is resistant to corrosion or rust for greater strength and durability
  • Lightweight frame makes transport easier and lowers freight and installation costs
  • Aluminum has a higher resale value, helping lower overall costs
  • Aluminum is recyclable and is a green alternative to other building materials
  • TFS has no foundation requirements, adding to its versatility in uses as well as speeding construction and lowering costs
  • TFS is configurable to any need with a variety of options, such as cargo doors and lighting
  • Allsite TFS can be leased or rented, making it affordable, fast and easy to obtain a the right customized structure and accessories to fit the user’s needs.

Many Application Uses for Tensioned Fabric Structures

With so many features making our tensioned fabric structures easy to install, versatile and cost effective, it’s no surprise our products are in use worldwide in a range of applications and industries.  If you’re wondering if a tension fabric building would be a good solution for your needs, here are some of the major applications that depend on Allsite fabric structures and how our product provides solutions to the unique challenges they face:

  • Remediation – TFS large capacity structures are used to cover job site where soil, water, mold, an overhead image of TFS fabric structures at remediation site installation on waterfrontasbestos, etc. are being remediated. This shelters the work area to keep containments, dust, noise, odors and other pollutants contained. The large interior space and door options makes maneuvering equipment inside the structure safe and easy. In addition, options are available to allow the structure to be crane-lifted to multiple locations on the job site. We can provide a wheel system which allows structures to cover existing structures or equipment on site by rolling it into place. Our structures do not require a foundation and we have multiple anchoring options if soil conditions are poor for anchoring into the ground.
  • Construction – The structure is used to cover the construction job site where weather might slow or stop a project. Teams can work through snow, rain and wind without weather delays by a photo of tensioned fabric structure covering a building project in progressenclosing the project site. Large interior space allows for heavy equipment and large build-outs can take place safely and easily. Accessories which allow the structure to be wheeled into place make install and removal over existing structures efficient and safe without concern of damage to property. We have options to add additional height to our structures if a larger build out is required. And, for any client waiting for a standard building construction to be complete, TFS allows for a temporary space that can be occupied on site while the permanent building is under construction, which can take years. Our structures can be configured for different needs, are fully climatized, and can be up and running in a matter of weeks.
  • Aviation – The TFS is the ideal structure for aviation hangars. The large interior height allows tail clearance and the sides of the building have plenty of room for the height of the wings utilizing the full square footage of the structure. Accessories like clamshell or bi-fold aviation doors are efficient photo of a Jetstar aircraft housed in Allsite fabric airplane hangarand cost effective solutions for moving aircraft in and out of the structure. The strength of the TFS beams in combination with fall-arrest brackets make it a safe environment to work at heights on aircraft. Allsite structures can meet immediate needs on a temporary or permanent basis and can be constructed in weeks whereas traditional hangars take years to construct. We have multiple anchoring options if on tarmac or other surface that does not allow penetration in the ground with stakes.
  • Equipment maintenance and repair – The TFS is the ideal structure whether a repair, wash and maintenance facility is needed in remote areas, like a mining camp, or in the city center, such as a car dealership. The interior height of the structure allows ample space for the size of heavy duty mining equipment and creates enough space for a car dealership to adequately ventilate an a photo of an industrial workshop housed in a tension fabric structurearea where vehicles are operating. Accessory options like cargo and freight doors allow easy access in and out of the structure with a variety of options for placement making it ideal for the limitations of any jobsite. The strength of the structure beams make it ideal for any additional systems that must be suspended from the structure ceiling.
  • Warehousing – The ample interior height of the TFS creates more usable volume, allowing for more storage in a smaller footprint. Access can be customized as needed, with freight doors that allow easy access for forklifts and other vehicles and equipment. Doors can be installed in nearly any section of the structure, making it work for a variety of job sites or storage layouts. Allsite fabric buildings can be constructed in a matter of weeks, solving immediate space needs. Our structures do not require a foundation so they can be installed quickly in virtually any location. And, when storage needs change, the structures are modular so they are easily expanded or contracted to meet requirements.
  • Sports Facilities and Arenas – The massive interior height of the tension fabric structure is a picture of an indoor tennis court in a fabric building structuregreat for any sport where a ball is in play. The strong frame allows for lighting, score boards and sound systems as needed. We offer optional accessories that allow a normally completely enclosed structure to easily (on nice weather days) open up to the elements allowing an indoor/outdoor feel.
  • Events and Trade Shows –  The expansive floor space and height of the TFS makes the interior space feel larger and more open. The structures can be configured in any size as a unique exhibit space, making it preferable in many cases to the traditional convention building environment. Convention-goers remark that the fabric structure space feels lighter and more open, lending a a photo of tension fabric building with vendor logos and entry doors at convention settingmore energetic feel to the exhibits and flow of visitors inside. With install rates over 10,000 sq. ft. per day and the capability to do 20,000 sq. ft. or more, Allsite can meet tight move in and move out schedules and get you set up and ready to set up your exhibits. The structures easily integrate with HVAC, doors, lighting, and interior build outs for whatever your services and space needs.  And the strong beams in the aluminum frame will support your infrastructure needs, such as truss systems for lighting and sound.

The quality and versatility of tensioned fabric structures makes them a great solution for a broad range of uses.  If you  have questions or want more information on a TFS solution for your application, give us a call or submit a contact form.

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Jason Cromwell is the General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals. He has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jason is a 12 year veteran in all matters related to Tension Fabric Structures with Allsite Structure Rentals and has over 20 years of sales, operations, and management experience. Read more about Jason and the rest of our team at

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