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Nothing spoils the excitement of attending a sporting event  more than having it delayed due to bad weather. Many sports organizations are turning to a Temporary Fabric Structure or TFS sports facility to minimize costly and disappointing delays.

A TFS sports facility provides a solution for sporting events that are affected by poor weather conditions.  The structure has enough space to house a field, court, or even an Olympic sized swimming pool, while still leaving ample space for amenities.

fabric pool enclosure

The Notable Characteristics of a TFS sports facility

Several characteristics make a TFS an ideal structure for sporting events such as tennis, basketball, and soccer.  Moreover, it is completely customizable for the sport you want to accommodate. The clear span design of a TFS sports facility means open areas and unobstructed views.

With a maximum width of 156’ and an impressive peak height of 54’, most sports can be played with ample space.  There is enough room to include seating, locker rooms, equipment storage and offices.  The modular construction system allows for separate areas, and can even be used as a multi-sport arena.

The sturdy aluminum frame makes the TFS sports facility durable enough to handle demands from both inside and outside the structure.  The frame is also able to support the weight of PA and speaker systems, as well as scoreboards, enabling it to be a fully functioning sports arena where games and tournaments can be held.

The PVC-coated fabric used in construction of a TFS keeps the harsh weather outside so sporting events can be played and watched comfortably on the inside.  The fabric is tensioned both horizontally and vertically, giving an unmatched seal that prevents most any leaks.  Once installed, the tensioned fabric structure is virtually free from maintenance.

Cost Effective Sports Solutions

There are many reasons that a TFS is an economical choice when deciding to build an indoor sport facility.  The TFS sports facility can be constructed with optional translucent fabric and skylights. This allows natural light in, so much so that artificially lighting may not be necessary during the day.

The structure also comes with several options for insulation, which help cut the costs of heating and cooling.  With choices of concrete berm, beam flap, or insulation/liner, a TFS provides protection from drafts and high winds.

Building a traditional sports facility can take months or years and requires significant planning as well as permit after permit.  Many structural considerations must be met before construction can even begin.  These issues generally do not exist with the construction of a TFS sports facility.

Because of the modular design, a TFS can be constructed in a very short time frame.  And while the structure is built to last, it can be rented temporarily if needed for one particular sporting event or if your usual sports facility is damaged or under renovation.

Player Safety Advantages

When players are forced to play in adverse weather conditions, they run an increased risk for injury.  Tennis courts, for example, become extremely slippery when wet and must be dried off carefully before playing can resume.  If it rains heavily, the match can be called entirely off.

TFS Sports Facility

Playing soccer and basketball in the rain is not beneficial to player safety either.  This can result in sprained ankles and knees and an increased risk of falling.  With a TFS sports facility, these risks for injury are practically eliminated with dry, safe playing conditions.  Delays, cancellations, or need to reschedule can become a thing of the past with these types of enclosures.

Unimpeded Player Development

If a sports game is cancelled or delayed due to weather, it creates a break in the rhythm of the game.  The same goes for practice.  In order for players to improve, they need a consistent practice schedule.  If it rains for several days straight during the pre-season, which is entirely feasible during the spring and summer months, all of those days of practice are missed and the entire team will suffer as a result. This is a disadvantage for the team and a big advantage for competition that was able to have an uninterrupted practice schedule.

A TFS sports facility makes it possible to train, practice, and play games year-round, leading to strong skill development and a stronger overall player.

Allsite Structure Rentals has the experience to create a TFS for sports that will meet all of your indoor sports requirements.    Please contact us today at 888.599.5112 or click here to learn more about our services.

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