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When people think of construction, their first thought is probably of all of the orange cones all over the place. In fact, people do not normally think positively of construction sites until after the project is completed and they are happy with the results as you can see in the figure below.

people who hate construction sites

When it comes to construction, there are some things that you may not know.

  • Construction is a major source of jobs
  • The construction industry provides employment to about 7 million employees
  • Construction jobs are good paying jobs
  • The construction industry is the second largest employer in the U.S.
  • There is an aging work force which translates to more available jobs than students graduation now and in the future
  • Within the next 10 years about 58% of jobs in the U.S. are going to be construction related
  • You can choose your work environment: inside, outside, or both
  • Construction offers more opportunities than most other industries for individuals who want to own business


There are a lot of dangers that are associated with construction sites. Some of the dangers are weather related. In Las Vegas our weather is usually really hot, but we are also known for our summer storms. It is dangerous for construction equipment to be used outdoors when it is raining. It also isn’t very good for equipment to be sitting out in the sweltering heat. Allsite Structure Rentals can help to fix this problem. Allsite can provide temporary fabric structures that would go over a construction site. These temporary structures will provide safety to the workers and the equipment as well as protect the site from the dangers of the weather.


If you are considering working on a construction site, it is important to be safe. Contact Allsite Structure Rentals today.

Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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