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Transportation project tension fabric structure for aviation on an airport runway at dawn.

Investment in transportation projects has generally been the domain of government, paid for with public funding, and is still happening in areas like highways, light rail, bus lines and, as in California, trains. But some of the most interesting projects are happening in the private sector, in areas like high speed rail and space transport. For all these construction projects, tension fabric buildings are a simple, fast and effective temporary building solution.

Allsite’s highly engineered tension fabric structures are designed for projects on the move. Projects in the transportation sector may span large distances, move from site to site or be focused in areas deliberately remote from urban infrastructure. Durable, weather-resistant, clear span and high clearance, fabric structures are an effective temporary building solution for use wherever indoor space is needed. They are well suited to large scale infrastructure projects, where they can be customized for many uses and easily transported to wherever they are required. High speed rail, light rail and aerospace launch sites are among the exciting projects using tension fabric structures to speed their work and meet budget and deadline goals.

High Speed Rail Projects

Despite delays and funding concerns, most people agree mass transit has a big future in the US. From coast to coast, action on high speed rail development is moving forward. High speed rail has made a splash between South Florida and Orlando with Florida’s Brightline, a privately owned project of Virgin Trains. Virgin is also working on funding the start of a long awaited passenger line from Southern California to Las Vegas. Both are privately funded and operated, helping to speed up decision-making and construction.

California’s CAHSR (California High Speed Rail) project has made significant progress laying tracks in a number of sites of future passenger rail that will link the state’s most populated areas.

Tension Fabric Structures for Rail Projects

transportation project tension fabric structure interior of light rail project with ground construction in process

The nature of rail means a project that spans construction of miles of track and multiple stations to complete the project. Work teams must be mobile and easily relocatable as the project moves from one worksite to another. It makes sense to have temporary structures that can travel with teams, be quickly put in place, and still provide the protection and comfort of a regular building, no matter where the site is located.

The Allsite tension fabric structure (TFS) is clear span, with no internal columns, and high clearance. It can serve almost any use, including as a warehouse for parts and construction materials,for use as an assembly floor, as a shelter for tools and equipment at the site, or for administrative or personnel use, including food service, rest and sleeping areas.

The TFS is suitable for any locale and climate. The high strength, extruded aluminum frame, heavy duty fabric covering and curved aerodynamic design shed snow and withstand winds and solar rays. The modular structure is lightweight and easily transported to the site where a variety of anchoring solutions allow installation on a variety of surfaces, including unpaved, rocky, wet or frozen surfaces. Fast to install, it can also be quickly relocated as needs change, at the same site, or transported to a new location. The structures may be fitted with lighting, power and HVAC systems for 24/7 interior comfort and usability. The building is energy efficient and built to last.

Fabric Buildings Support New Frontiers in Space Travel

Rail is not the only fast evolving transportation sector. There’s a new space race on and it’s accelerating fast. Companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are planning manned travel into space and to Mars, including paid private space travel. A number of private space vehicle manufacturers like SpaceX are already supporting the International Space Station, transporting supplies and equipment, allowing them to perfect technology for high payload, reusable spacecraft that will one day allow frequent and extended travel in space, to Mars and perhaps beyond.

Spaceports are hubs of activity but are by nature located away from urban areas. They need building space for engineering and maintenance activities as well as warehousing areas for supplies and equipment. Sites like SpaceX South Texas Launch Site at Boca Chica, TX are busy building and testing next generation rockets and starships for future space travel.

Allsite tension fabric structures are perfectly suited to support spaceport activity at remote sites that need large, versatile indoor space. The structures are as sturdy as regular buildings, weather resistant as well as mold, fungus and bacteria resistant so they are appropriate for wet climates as well as dry. They don’t require a foundation and can be fully climatized for comfort. They are suitable for temporary or permanent installation, allowing for complete flexibility in project planning when plans may change frequently based on testing, funding or strategic direction.

For more information on Allsite tension fabric structures for transportation projects, call 1-888-599-5112 or contact us for a free quote.

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