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Like all Americans and as residents of Las Vegas, the Allsite Structure Rentals family has been saddened by the mass shooting of innocent concert-goers on the Las Vegas Strip. Our hearts go out to all the families and individuals affected by this horrible tragedy. As Las Vegans, we are very proud of the fast and effective actions taken by our first responders, police and fire departments, as well as our dedicated medical staff who went immediately to work saving lives. We are amazed and grateful for the heroism of so many, from the brave Mandalay Bay security guards, to the taxi drivers, concert staff and courageous civilian bystanders who saved many lives while risking their own to get others to safety and into medical care.

Las Vegas is a vibrant community. While most of us are from elsewhere, once here, newcomers are welcomed and embraced in a friendly and very hard-working community. One thing that holds our diverse community together is our shared mission to provide world class hospitality and other services for our tourists and convention-goers. This event, while it has hurt us deeply, has also made us determined to do our part better than ever, in whatever capacity we can. Las Vegas will recover and come back stronger than before.

Many people want to find ways to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting to recover their health and rebuild their lives after this event. If you would like to do something, we encourage you to take time to donate blood or make a contribution to the Las Vegas victims fund or another charity of your choice. Las Vegans appreciate all the support our community has received, and we know that today, all Americans are Vegas Strong.

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