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Warehousing & Maintenance

Ideal for repair, wash and maintenance facilities in remote areas.

Rentable Maintenance & Warehouse Facilities

Expand your facilities with a temporary warehouse


Whether your needs are short term or long, a rentable warehouse or maintenance facility delivered and installed at your site is the perfect solution to the need for more space.

Monthly rentals of the TFS380 warehouses provide an economical and efficient solution to temporary or semi-permanent needs. If the need becomes long term, leases can be converted to purchases.

Direct from inventory, whether you need 3,000 or 300,000 square feet, Allsite has you covered; and unlike most competitors, the TFS Series structures can withstand any weather conditions with standard designs. Accessory options are available from inventory for a wide variety of needs.

Case Studies

Client Testimonial

"After the EF 5 tornado, our business was completely destroyed. We knew we had to act quickly. Working with Allsite, there was a fantastic level of expediency. The TFS turned out to be a terrific solution & we're very pleased with the engineering, clear span design and quick delivery."

Fabick CatTracey Scott, Regional Manager

About Tension Fabric Structures

Allsite has a range of structure sizes from 50’ to 156’ width that will work with any site. With peak heights up to 54’ the TFS has abundant vertical space. For warehousing this allows you to store more in a smaller footprint maximizing the volume of the structure especially in the corners where slope and eave height are superior to other fabric structure options.

illustration of tension fabric structure construction by crane.
Flat aluminium frame end design maximizes useable space
Multiple door and ventilation accessories from stock and we can usually integrate any requested building accessory into the TFS structure
Engineered extruded aluminum framework lowers shipping costs and provides quick and easy installation with no corrosion. Curved eave profile and 25 degree pitch provides snow shed for use in any extreme environment
Multiple anchoring solutions including stakes, ballasts, wheels and concrete anchors (ballast example showing)
Architectural membrane provided in individual panels vertically and horizontally hydraulically tensioned for clean taught exterior finish
TFS structures are 100% relocatable and their flexibility allows structures to be moved in many ways to reduce relocation costs including crane lift, track and wheel assemblies, skid mounted and full dismantle and reassembly

Why Rent a TFS?

The TFS is an ideal structure for temporary warehouse structures and maintenance facilities.

For maintenance facilities the vertical space will allow large pieces of equipment, lifts and other items plenty of space to operate.

The design of the TFS allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to placement and sizing of vehicle access and freight doors. Allsite’s structures are designed to work in any climate including areas with high wind requirements and snow. The TFS’s rugged frame will support the weight of ventilation, fall arrest systems, and other items suspended from the rafters.

  • Allsite has a large inventory available for immediate delivery.
  • High peak height allowing superior storage space.
  • Accessories and packages designed specifically for the needs of warehouse and maintenance facilities.
  • Allsite has experienced sales and project managers that will find the best solution for your project.
  • Our lead techs average over 15 years of experience installing TFS structures. Their knowledge of the TFS means practical solutions can be found to any problem.


a photo of temporary warehouse structure

Warehouse & Maintenance Structure Size Options with Drawings



Width 48m/ 156′

View Plans


Width 38m/ 126′

View Plans


Width 29m/ 96′

View Plans


Width 20m/ 66′

View Plans

TFS Accessories for Warehousing & Maintenance


Steel overhead door | Fabric cargo door | Personnel door


HVAC | Exhaust fans | Louvers | Framed openings


Concrete anchors | Stakes | Concrete ballasts


200 W LED lighting | Translucent fabric | Skylight fabric


Concrete berm | Beam flap | Insulation and/or liner
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