Waste Management and Recycling

Fabric Buildings for Waste and Recycling Operations

Interior tension fabric building waste being prepared for management facility use

Waste and recycling operators need clean, efficient and low cost buildings to achieve operational, environmental and budget goals. Tension Fabric Structures (TFS) provide the solution at an affordable cost, delivering effective and efficient workspace, convenience and versatility, whatever the use.

Tension fabric buildings are a great waste management industry building solution for:

  • Waste sorting and processing facilities
  • Recycling facilities space for sorting, pick lines, storage, transfer stations, conveyor systems
  • Composting and biomass processing facilities - inner liner available
  • Equipment and vehicle storage - extend life of equipment
  • Add on structure to existing facility for extra processing capacity

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Improve Performance for Waste Management Environmental Standards

The sturdy fabric structure’s enclosed indoor space helps isolate waste and recyclables from the open air and waterways. TFS can help meet environmental control standards:

  • Contain odors and moisture
  • Isolate hazardous wastes
  • Reduce loss and contamination from effects of wind and rain
  • Reduce pests such scavenging birds
  • Aluminum alloy frame does not degrade or rust like steel
  • Fabric is treated to resist mold and UV rays

The Answer to Better Waste Processing Operations Facilities

TFS are customizable and versatile building solutions that come in a variety of sizes and are customizable for almost any need. These structures are open span, with no internal columns or wires to impede processing and storage space. All weather and climate-controllable, with options for ventilation and heating and cooling the interior, your operations won’t be interrupted due to rain or snow, or slowed by heat.

Features and Benefits of Tension Fabric Buildings for Recycling and Waste Facilities

aluminum frame fabric covered building system under construction

Features and benefits of our tension fabric buildings that benefit waste and recycle facilities include:

  • High clearance, unobstructed interior space, available in a number of sizes and lengths
  • Easy load and unload, choice of entryways to accommodate large equipment
  • Room for heavy equipment/loaders/trucks/conveyor belt
  • Truss system accommodates hanging lighting and equipment
  • Climate control, ventilation and air circulation systems available
  • Choice of entryways, closed or open end structures
  • Can be partitioned into sections for sorting work areas and to separate stored materials

The low cost, flexibility and durability of these structures help meet budgetary and efficiency goals:

  • Less loss of recyclables due to weather or theft
  • No weather interruptions for more processing efficiency
  • No requirement for a foundation - can be installed on any terrain
  • Fast installation and ongoing support
  • Expand/reconfigure/relocate according to need
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Low operating costs

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Quality Construction for Durability and Reliability

interior shot of large footprint tension fabric building under contsruction with engineers observing the process on concrete foundation

Featuring advanced engineering design that performs in any environment, location or climate, the TFS features modular construction for easy transport and installation, and can be quickly and efficiently relocated or reconfigured as your needs change.

Allsite structures are built for long, reliable service and trouble free operation:

  • Corrosion free, highly stable extruded aluminum alloy frame
  • PVC fabric covering is treated and is UV, moisture, mold and fungus resistant
  • Tensioned design provides highly stable outer structure and open span interior for unobstructed interior space
  • Built to perform in the harshest conditions,  the TFS handles heat, high winds, heavy snows and pelting rains
  • Relocatable, reconfigurable, and customizable with a choice of options to optimize the structure for your unique operational needs, including choice of entryways (freight door, bi-fold, personnel doors, open end, etc.), lighting, ceiling and exhaust fans for air movement, and more.