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Tension fabric structures are a fusion of an ancient architectural technique with modern materials. Traditional Native American teepees and camel leather tents used by nomads in the Sahara desert are two examples of “old school” tension fabric structures. The concept remains the same in modern structures: A fabric is stretched over a frame, providing a durable shield from the elements. But today’s structures have the advantages of advanced engineering and materials that vastly improve performance, versatility and durability.

Modern Tension Fabric Structures

Modern tension fabric structures are sturdy and versatile solutions to enclose anything, from an audience for an event to a large aircraft that needs servicing. These structures can be temporary or permanent, and, just like brick and mortar structures, they protect from inclement weather, dust or debris and provide a comfortable indoor space for work or play.

Tension Fabric Structures during COVID-19 and other Emergencies

As an example of their versatility and ready availability, most recently during COVID, the need for temporary structures increased. Tension fabric structures were used for such things as drive through testing and vaccination sites, as extra capacity for field medical services and for storing extra medical supplies and equipment. They also provided help to the aviation industry when they needed extra hangar space for grounded aircraft. As temporary building solutions that are quickly available, tension fabric structures are solutions for almost any emergency situation, including storm recovery, as firefighting bases, or for use as personnel quarters or homeless shelters.

Tension Fabric vs. Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile Fabric Structure shading open courtyard of large public buildingTension fabric structures typically use a framing system to create and retain its form, however, tensile structures are more custom and architectural. Tensile fabric structures tend to be used for more decorative or aesthetic shading purposes making a bold architectural statement due to their dramatic appearance. The double curve means the fabric covering is stiffened to the extent it does not bend or wrinkle, but is strengthened so that it withstands winds and other pressures it may be under. The curvature adds to the dramatic effect of these structures and they are used around the world to provide shade and cover. Tension Fabric Structures provide additional extra features, such as extreme weather-proofing can be fully enclosed and used in many applications for so many indoor activities.

Tension Fabric Structures from Allsite Structure Rentals

Interior of a tension fabric builing tennis center high ceiling and bright lit tennis courts players at playAllsite specializes in providing high quality, durable tension fabric structures as solutions for almost any use where a large indoor space is needed. The airy, high clearance structures create great interior spaces with no impediments for people and equipment, providing the maximum space to get the job done.

What holds up the modern tension fabric structure is key to its success. The skeletal frame for Allsite’s fabric structure is an engineered custom extruded aluminum alloy. The modular and easy to install frame is extremely sturdy, durable and not subject to corrosion or rust. The aluminum is so lightweight that framing to cover a 10,000 sq. ft. size structure can fit on a single truckload for reduced shipping costs. The 25-degree pitch of the roof provides for easy snow shed, so the structure is functional year round, even in extreme weather areas.

Once the frame is erected, high-grade architectural fabric membrane panels are tightly attached over it from end to end. Once the membrane is anchored to the ground, the end result is a high-tension shield around the structure that protects it from the elements. A choice of doors and openings make it both versatile and easy to insulate from hot or cold temperatures outside. For very cold environments, an insulated liner can be used to give added protection.

Allsite tension fabric structures are perfect for uses such as construction or remediation project shelters, sports buildings, event structures, airplane hangars, warehouses, even cannabis greenhouses or other agricultural use. They can be used to shelter workers and equipment for remote projects such as oil and gas fields, mineral mining, and solar or wind facilities. Due to their ease of construction and lightweight materials, they’re also easy to move from one location to another if needed.

Full Service Tension Fabric Building Supplier

Our buildings are available in a number of sizes with options such as doorways or openings, ventilation and lighting, as well as anchorage suited to adapt to your site and project needs. Turnkey installation means your building is up and usable quickly, usually within weeks of order. Tension fabric structures offer the fast, versatile solution needed for temporary project use or for long term use where extra space is needed. They provide an indoor venue for activities that benefit from large open floor space and the versatility to design your own unique interior layout to fit your needs exactly. Our team is always available to service your building and help you get maximum use from it.

If you need a temporary or permanent tension fabric structure for your site,  contact us at Allsite Structure Rentals for more information and a free quote.

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